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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. firequeen254
Member since: 01/07/08
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi

Mail History Drinks
He:  45   5'11   177
She: 45   5'7   159
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Interest Levels
Tame 2 on a scale of 0-4     Couples 4 on a scale of 0-4
Moderate 3 on a scale of 0-4     Males
Wild 3 on a scale of 0-4     Females 4 on a scale of 0-4
Desired Age Range
18 to 52
Other Info
  • Drinkers OK
  • Smokers OK
    Im now on Kik.. hellokitty92165

    Short Tag Line:
    Im now on Kik.. hellokitty92165

    I/We are looking for
    Couples with Bi Female or Single Bi Female for fun in and out of bedroom. I do like going to Trap...dancing.shopping...giving and getting back rubs... I am very bi and love Girl/Girl play. He likes girls that are sweet, sometimes shy and likes to be flirted with. We want to meet couples who are not pushy or jealous. We are clean shaven and want the same from couples we meet. Full Swap, Soft Soft Swap and Girl/ Girl. Attraction has to be mutual. We are Drug & Disease Free. We intend to stay this way. We Do Not Do Drugs. We don't mind if your 420 friendly, but please don't be when your with us. Condoms are a must. We want to have fun and stay safe in the process.

    We don't mind couples new to the lifestyle. We have met new couples and did everything from just talking & answering questions to playing at there comfort level.

    PLEASE: If you write us or respond to our e-mail open your pictures for us. We want to see face pictures of both of you. You can see ours, we need to see yours.

    Please Understand: We know that pictures don't always do justice. People look a lot different in person but a face picture will give you some idea.
    Also: Once you meet us in person you will forget about any pictures you looked at...especially the female in this couple. She is HWP and curvy in the right places. He is stout and in excellent shape for a 45 y/o firefighter.
    Due to his job his pics remain hidden. Just ask and we will gladly share them.

    If you have to tell others how good you look, how much you work out or go to the gym and constantly use hwp in your profile then you are probably royally stuck on yourself and therefore not for us. Taking care of yourself is good, but being vain & pretentious is a major turn off to everyone. If you have to use the word "select" you are probably royally stuck on yourself.

    We don't see color and are not racist. There are beautiful sweet people from all walks of life....hispanic, asian, greek...etc. We play with who we want to play with regardless of their race , color, etc... Don't take that as we will play with everybody who writes us. If we are attracted to you and you to us we will play with you. If we are not attracted to you we won't play with you. It's as simple as that :)

    We don't take everyday life to seriously when we go out. We go out to have fun, play & make friends. Hope you do too.. ;)

    If you decide you want to hangout with us, be prepared to get invited to different things. No sitting at home on the weekend..

    Describe Yourself:
    Married couple ... sweet and sane.. non pushy.She likes to dance..loves music...not into tv alot..I like to read.....
    very sweet and very bi. She enjoys oral and toys with other girls. Loves horses(especially her palomino) and loves to dance (even though I am not very good at it)...but oh well..love being touched...kissed and oh my... the smell and taste of another girl!!!

    If You like us, and we like you we will play on the first meet. But we are not pushy. It should go without saying that everyone involved has to be interested.. We don't have a checklist with a bunch of rules. If attraction exist....just have fun.....right ?

    He: Is very straight. He can be reserved but absolutely loves girls and loves to flirt at times.But he is the quite one who will be patient and try to get to know you. He is just a humble firefighter who takes things as they come. He is an accomplished musician too.

    As a Couple we are very much in love and enjoy going to Nashville, the mountains and private beaches in Florida. We love riding our motorcycle and going camping. We go to the Grove in Cleveland,Georgia.

    We are an empty nest. Our boy is a US Marine. If you are not patriotic then keep on walking.

    We feel just as comfortable dressing classy and going out as well as we do wearing blue jeans. We are the same people regardless of where we are.

    Working out and going to the gym is great. He cross fit trains, but it is not something you have to go around bragging about. If you are attractive to us, we could care less about your exercise habits. We also look for the beauty inside. But if you insist on the fitness gig we can see who can do the most burpees and push ups. If you lose you have to buy all the drinks...lol

    Due to his job, his pics are blocked. we usually open them when responding, but if we forget, just ask.

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    Female is Very Bi...loves Girl/ Girl
    Back Door is "Off Limits"...No Anal
    Straight Male...Straight Male...Straight Male
    Full Swap, Soft Swap and Girl/ Girl. Attraction has to be mutual.Both girls have to be comfortable with the situation.
    We enjoy Trapeze Club, Sweet Desires Club,Enticing Couples,Foxy's, The Grove, Swing Atlanta Meet & Greets, House Partys & some Bike Rallys.

    It's a funny thing...some of the people we write to that blow us off and won't write back will come up to us while we are out and want to be pals. I guess they don't recognize us from our pictures. We don't get it?

    We don't get caught up on distance or where you live. We have found that to find real people you sometimes have to look further than your backyard. We are willing to travel some for the right couple. Hope you are too.

    About the 20 items at the bottom of profile: Some are a result of something that has happened while swinging. People not showing up, not calling, being pushy or disrespectful,stuck up people..etc...etc....etc... They are basically the things real people in the lifestyle have to put up with. Wouldn't it be nice if things like this didn't have to be said?

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    We are very real and want to meet "Real Couples"...not the online, e-mail forever, 10 million excuses fakers.single guys get over it already.. We are seeking friendship and fun with nice couples. we are not looking for 1 night stands every week. We want a small group of couples we can be intimate and friends with. We are a down to earth average couple. We like to think we are humble and intelligent. We are just an average american couples looking for fun and excitement.
    Just a few more things we like or dislike:
    1.We don't like endless e-mails...i will give you my number..
    2. If we give you our number; call us. Don't say things like we will touch base soon or other lame excuses.
    3.If your a guy; involve your wife in decisions you make. You should do this as a couple. If your a guy sneaking around behind your wifes back; don't attempt to meet me(the girl) alone. You probably will get your ass beat...you loser.
    4. If you agree to meet us; Meet US! Don't make excuses and change plans. In short ....don't waste our time. We can find another couple.
    5. It doesn't matter if your talking lifestyle or anything else. If you say you want friendship then ignore your supposed friends the first time another couple comes by then you don't want friendship.
    6. Don't write to us unless you are interested in meeting us in person.
    7. People..quit making love to your computer and start having fun with other couples.
    8. Real important here....If someone sends you a e-mail be courteous enough to reply even if it's to say your not interested. It's the right thing to do.
    9. Age is just a "Number." Old is a "Feeling." We have played with some really mature 24-25 year olds. We have met some really sexy but inmature 40-45 year olds. It's just a thought,,,but if your fixed on age your missing some really cool experiences.
    10. If your going to invite us to go out of town with you; don't get where your going then pick up the phone and invite us....How Tacky!!!
    11. We are a package deal. If you only want one of us it's not going to work. Don't bother. It's not fair not to involve everyone.
    12. If your jealous of your wife,girl friend,husband or boy friend it's not going to work. Find yourself a different hobby.
    13. There has to be attraction/chemistry. Just because you show up at a party doesn't mean its's going to be a free for all. If we are not attracted to you don't take it personal. We too have been rejected....it's just part of swinging. If you like us; tell us. If you don't like us; tell us.
    14. If we are going to meet you we need to see pictures of both of you;face pictures. You can see ours. We need to see yours.
    15.Guys;she likes you too. Don't be pushy;she will come to you.
    16. Girls; my spouse will not be pushy. He will talk and flirt with you but would rather you make the first move. We do this because we have seen so many guys that are agressive, pushy & disrespectful of the other girl. We know it is a big turn-off for the girl to be pressured. My guy is very capable of turning things on and pushing your buttons; but this is the way we prefer to approach people.
    17. If you are Royally Stuck On Yourself pass us by. There are plenty other people you can make miserable. If you don't answer your e-mail you are Royally Stuck On Yourself.
    18.CERTIFICATIONS: They are a useful tool in that they verify that you are real and willing to actually meet other people. Thats about where it's usefulness ends. Have you ever saw a bad certification? No. They all basically say the the same thing.....your a great couple, you make people laugh, your hot in bed, we can't wait to meet you again, we will be friends forever & ever...blah....blah. But they have there place...and we read and issue them.
    19. Just be yourself. What you see is what you get when you meet us. It doesn't take long to figure us out because we act as we always do when we meet people.
    20.Some people actually feel the same about these things;if you do write us. Even if we are not meant for each other, we would love to hear from you. Happy hunting ! :)